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The first step is for you to understand that our primary goal is to craft a path to your family’s success and happiness providing you and your family with peace of mind as you all move forward.


The second step is for us to understand your family’s individual circumstance and work collaboratively to a beneficial outcome. Through our expertise, knowledge and skills, coupled with understanding and compassion, we will help you navigate this emotionally charged time in your life.

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How Can Mediation Help Me?

Family mediation offers an effective way to navigate the separation process in a less traumatic fashion. 


An Accredited Family Mediator (AccFM) is trained to help you identify issues, determine what is important, understand the legal requirements and work out a mutually agreeable solution with a focus on the best interest of your child(ren), and the best possible outcome for your family. 


The goal of mediation is to reach mutually agreed upon terms with respect to all aspects of separation, including parenting, child support, spousal support and equalization.  The mediator will help you and your ex-partner/spouse work together towards fair solutions that enable both parties to move forward feeling satisfied that their interests have been recognized and respected. Once agreements are reached, the mediator will provide both parties with a Memorandum of Understanding containing all of the terms agreed upon. Each party then needs to take the Memorandum of Understanding to their respective lawyer to obtain Independent Legal Advice (ILA).  Once ILA is obtained, a Separation Agreement is prepared by the lawyer(s) for each parent to execute.  Upon execution by both parties, the Separation Agreement becomes binding and legally enforceable.

YES! As long as both parties are willing to cooperate and negotiate a resolution, it will work. Statistics show that couples who are in control of their own outcome, are much less likely to deviate from what they have agreed upon versus a court order where a judge makes a decision by which both parties are bound.

Mediation is a much better alternative than litigation. It is financially and emotionally less costly & co-parenting results are much better. Mediation can also be more expeditious than litigation.

Yes! Common law partners may not be entitled to the same regulations as couples who are married. However, issues in disputes usually share similarities and can be resolved via mediation.

Online Family Mediation

While we provide both in-person and online mediation services, the online mediation platform is a much more efficient alternative than traditional in-person mediation. It provides multiple benefits which include providing you the autonomy of mediating from the comfort of your preferred environment (ie. home or office) thus allowing you to simultaneously attend to family, pets and other demands for your time, if the need arises. A further benefit is that Counsel can work from home or their offices, interchangeably.

The online Family Mediation process provides face-to-face virtual contact, while also allowing the mediator to share their screen when running support calculations, preparing draft provisions, and listing issues and proposals on a virtual “white board”. If agreed between participants, parties can screenshot and transmit/share documents and proposals in real time, adding to efficiency of process (no excuses for forgotten documents ‘at home’) and active engagement (no need for note taking and less opportunity for mistaken recollection of events.

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